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One Ghana United Against Ebola is a project of the Ebola Education Fund (EEF), that will galvanize private sector participation towards the fight against EVD.

Why One Ghana?
EVD does not discriminate between rich/poor, old/young or male/female. As a nation, there are certain issues that we should come together and address as one People and EVD is one of them. We are on country united by a common destiny and we must come together under this vision…..One Ghana United Against Ebola.

A valuable tool in helping prevent an outbreak of the disease in Ghana is a proactive nationwide education campaign.

The Ebola Virus Education Fund is targeted at raising an initial GH¢ 1 million to fund the education campaign.

Take action by contributing to the Ebola Education Fund today!

Donate to the Ebola Education Fund

Account Details:
-Account Number: 0760014477647102
-Swift Code: ECOCGHAC
-Sort Code: 130162
-Currency: GHANA CEDI


Education: In line with our focus as our social responsibility, we have adopted Ringway Basic School in ensuring quality education and access to the school children. Some of the works we have done to date include refurbishment of ICT Laboratory along with provision of IT equipments. We have also renovated the school’s library and continue to donate materials to aid in the children’s learning and development. If you would like to find out more or get involved in this project, do contact us.

Health: We have a long-standing relationship and commitment to the health sector as one of our CSR focus. We continue to donate to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital and recent tiled the entire medical block.