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Our 5 Commitments To You

It is a big deal to trust someone else with your money and believe that they will honour their word. We don’t take it for granted at all, so these are the commitments you can always expect from us

No Commission Fees

We don’t charge you for making the choice to put your money to work for you. That means you don’t pay anything for opening or operating an investment account with us. You won’t find any hidden fees either. We only make money by making your money grow and that’s ok. If we don’t do enough to make sure your money grows at the rate promised you, we haven’t earned our pay.

Competitive Returns

You’ve probably come across this phrase A LOT. The good thing with us is that we actually deliver on that assurance. Shop around the investment market and you’ll come back to us. The returns we pay you are way higher than what you get on any savings account, higher than the T-Bill Rate and very competitive when compared to the best legit investment products in Ghana.

Dedicated Support

We are here for you! We don’t anticipate you’ll have much trouble. Nonetheless, our dedicated customer experience executives are available to address all your support needs. Everything stops when you call with an issue. We don’t move on until your issue is resolved. Try us. If you just want to let us know how awesome things are going, we’re here for that too!

Full Transparency

We strive to be a force for good in the investment world. With this at heart, we’re fully open to being fully open to you about everything you need to know about us, our operations, and whatever else you may want to find out as your journey with us progresses. There’s nothing to hide between us. No jargons, no confusing technical language, we tell it as it is.

Extra Protection

“As safe as possible” is the bare minimum for us when it comes to safeguarding your money. Our infrastructure makes use of the most robust technologies and security tools to protect our systems, and we constantly update them. We are also approved and thoroughly regulated by the Bank of Ghana. We are very compliant with all Regulator Protocols to safeguard your investment.
On the matter of protection, we can best help you if you first help yourself. Here are some things you should do too.
Keep your password, private. If you provide someone else with your account log-in credentials, or give someone else the authority to execute transactions on your account, any resulting activity on your account may be considered as authorized.
Immediately report any unauthorized activity that you become aware of and actively cooperate with DALEX SWIFT during its review.
Keep your account information up to date.

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Kojo Nimo

Adwoa | Executive Customer Relations

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