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Focus on solving societal problems to be successful

Myjoyonline |10/6/2020

The Chief Executive Officer of Dalex Finance, Kenneth Kwamena Thompson has said that one of the guarantees for success for would-be entrepreneurs is to focus on solving problems rather than on making money.

According to him, the reason why most people, especially the young ones, are unable to get support from society for their businesses is simply because they fail to create value.

Speaking on JoyNews’ Personality Profile, Kwamena Thompson said: “When you’re in business – and that’s the mistake a lot of people do, especially a lot of the young ones – they say I have a service or product and nobody is supporting me. The most important thing is that you must provide value.

“Where is the value? I wake up every morning and say ‘how do I provide value to people? How do I solve problems?’ because if I solve problems, I’ll be successful.”

For him, going into business to make money “really for me that’s not business. You’ve got to go into business to solve a problem. By solving a problem you provide value.”

Citing his business as an example, Kwamena Thompson explained that he has been able to add value to people’s lives by allowing them make daily contributions to their investment account from the convenience of their mobile phones.

“For example, we have a programme called Dalex Swift. Dalex Swift has over 120,000 subscribers. Why? Because it allows you to make regular contributions to an investment account from the convenience of your phone.

“That’s value right there. So from your mobile money wallet, you can contribute as low as GHS1 every day if you want to. So I think of value; I’ve never ever said I want to make money.”

He advised the youth to work towards providing value in society and not to concentrate their energies on trying to become rich overnight.

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