Mr Alex Bruks

“Working in financial consultancy over several years has brought me to the point of truly appreciating the place and importance of sound leadership; especially where the hard-earned money of good people is concerned. It is with the greatest confidence that I serve as the Board Chairman for DALEX FINANCE, knowing that the day-to-day operations of the business are in the finest of hands. The privilege of serving in roles such as the Director for Private Sector Development for Africa with USAID Africa Bureau; advising on the financing of the Accra Mall and Garden City Malls, and coordinating projects such as the review of the Administrative Barriers to Investments in Ghana, have all afforded me the wealth of knowledge and experience with which I can assure you that DALEX FINANCE, is well worth your time, trust and investments.”

Mr Alex Bruks is also the CEO of RPS Engineering Services Ghana Ltd. and a past President of Trade World Limited.

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