• Our digital lending model allowed us to continue to make salary loans without the client coming to any physical branch.
  • We saw the future of work as digital and prepared the infrastructure for this reality long before the global pandemic hit.

This year promises to be one of even more tremendous growth. The two values that will drive the company this year are Candour (honest feedback) and Talent Intensity.

We invite all our clients to give us honest feedback with candor. We will be better for it. Honest feedback is a key element of the Dalex culture.

Talent Intensity requires that the company attracts and retains the best employees and pays them well. We will be a better company with employees that work hard and support each other.

That is the only way to continue to deliver value to our clients and shareholders. All Dalex employees MUST be talented and we will work to encourage and support excellence at work.

We are happy that you have found your way to our website today and are eager to share with you our vision of investment.

We encourage you to read on. However, you can reach me on 0244333422 or via email at kthompson@dalexfinance.com for a conversation on how Dalex Finance can be of help to you build prosperity through investment.

Welcome to the future with Dalex Finance.

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