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Develop An Emotional Attachment To Your Brands

myjoyonline.com | 5/13/2016

Want your brand to succeed and bring you the desired returns? Then go beyond the traditional ways of marketing your product. That’s the advice coming from the Director of Dalex Finance and Leasing Joe Jackson.

Many good brands, according to him have failed to make the necessary impact because they have not been passionately marketed. Mr. Jackson tells JOY BUSINESS, therefore, charging entrepreneurs, in particular, to be enthusiastic about their brands.

He was speaking yesterday at an evening event organized by the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Partnership with Dalex Finance and Leasing Company under the theme “Creating a Winning Brand Strategy – The Case of Dalex Swift.”

“You must have a true functional product, but not matter how good your product, you’ve got to find that grand emotion to market it. Having a good product doesn’t mean you will succeed. If you have a bad product you will never succeed” Mr. Jackson noted.

Having a good product he stressed is also no surety that the brand will succeed. “If you don’t have the right brand strategy, forget it. You don’t get what you deserve. You get what you shout about. That’s the whole point about marketing. You will not necessarily have a successful brand simply because you have a good product” he added.

For him, employing the brand strategy that causes people to hear, feel, love and be loyal to your product is the panacea to brand success. He expressed worry about the vast number of brands on the market that are although good fundamentally, but have not been driven to success.

Below is the 4-step process towards a successful brand as proffered by Joe Jackson:

1.      Identify the target (the consumer group)

2.      Identify the need of the consumer (the emotional enemy that drives the need)

3.      Define the emotional benefits the consumer expects to derive

4.      Apply your marketing insights

Attaching a grand emotion that would enable the unification of the strategy according to him is the solution.

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