Chairman's Message

Alex Bruks

Alex Bruks - Chairman

Chairman's Message

Dalex Finance and Leasing Company Limited (DALEX) continues to demonstrate stellar growth. The past couple of years have seen tremendous growth and we anticipate even more to come for DALEX.

I take this opportunity to thank our stakeholders for the various roles they played in delivering this excellent performance:

To our Loan Clients – Thank you for your custom. Without you we would cease to exist. We appreciate that in the competitive loan marketplace you continue to demonstrate that you believe that DALEX understands your business, that DALEX provides the best in customer service and even more important that DALEX truly delivers “Collaboration that profits”.

To our Investment Clients – Thank you for your custom. Without you we would cease to exist. We are grateful that you believe that your funds are safe and secure with us. We appreciate that you resist attempts to lure you away and hence give us an investment rollover rate in excess of 78%. You are the bedrock of our business.

To our staff – You continue to be our most valuable asset. Your faith in the market culture has delivered the growth that we all desire. To you goes the highest praise.

To the Board and Senior Management – You continue to lead with passion and exemplary leadership. We cannot say thank you enough for what you have achieved.

To our community – We do not take for granted your favorable perception of us even when you are yet to do business with us. Thank you for the tremendous response to our Ebola Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project.

Finally to the Almighty God who continues to bless the efforts of all of us... Thank you Lord.

Our key objective is sustained growth in shareholder value; achieved by ever-increasing revenue and profitability.