CEO's Message

Kenneth Thompson

Kenneth Thompson - CEO

CEO's Message

Welcome to the Dalex Finance website.

Dalex Finance is a dynamic Institution that is constantly pushing boundaries on how to deliver faster and more convenient financial services to our customers. We have seen much growth over the years; growth that has seen us transform from a company of 3 in 2006 to our present state with over 3000 persons employed nationwide.

We pride ourselves in being prudent investment managers who do not blindly sacrifice the security of investor funds on the altar of high returns but seek to diligently achieve a healthy blend of the two; security and competitive returns. This has earned us a reputation as a safe place to invest.

At Dalex Finance, we have harnessed advanced technological innovations to drive our quest to meet the financial needs of our customers. Thus, with the power of the mobile phone, we originate and disburse our various salary loan products. With our innovative Swift investment product, we have turned the mobile phones of over 130,000 customers into active investment portals.

We are happy that you have found your way to our website today and are eager to share with you our vision of investment. We encourage you to read on. However, you reach me on 0244333422 on via email at for a conversation on how Dalex Finance can be of help to you.

Welcome to the future with Dalex Finance.

Dalex Finance- Invest with Confidence.

Our key objective is sustained growth in shareholder value; achieved by ever-increasing revenue and profitability.